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Behind the Scenes 01: Screencap 39

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I admit this was the shot I was the most excited about in all the new material. Ser Loras Tyrell (Finn Jones), the famous young knight known as the Knight of Flowers, is the quintessential example of chivalric pageantry in the novels, and it sure seems to be the case in the series. At the Hand’s tourney in the books, he wears two different suits of armor, one enameled with a thousand flowers of various types and colors, and the other being silvered plate embossed with vines and leaves and ornamented with forget-me-not flowers picked out in small sapphires.

Here, the gem stones seem to have gone, but instead the embossed and applied ivy, leaves, and flowers grow in profusion and prominence. His helmet is particularly rich with this design detail, and in fact has a relatively organic shape, culminating in twinning ivy or branches lifting up towards what we supposed to be a point. If anything, this helmet best captures the fabulous nature of some of Martin’s armor as described, more so than the Kingsguard armor. This armor would fit right in to a late 16th century pageant, where parade armor becomes extremely embellished.

If there is any fault to be found in this image, it’s the unfortunate coincidence that the the bulbous shape of the helmet remind some of an onion, and thereby leading them to suppose that this is a look at a character from the second novel known as the Onion Knight.

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