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Game of Thrones: S2 Renly 04

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Another look at King Renly and his guard. You can see matching pauldrons and helms and mantles for the most part (except on Brienne, who retains her personal armor by the looks of it), but each of the men seems to otherwise have different details about them. The long coats or tunics under their armor seem to be different in their detailing, and it seems they may have different breastplates or torso armor.

In the novel, Renly instituted the Rainbow Guard, who wore rainbow cloaks to connect them to the Faith (where the rainbow is a religious symbol), and each knight is described as wearing of different colors and, apparently, different designs. It would have been nice to see such variety here, but the drabber armors seen for the most part do fit the tone of the show, which has significantly reduced the pageantry and spectacle of chivalry that marks Renly’s fledgling court.

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