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This is our first look of what the series is likely to look at, in terms of saturation and the like. We believe this scene is taken from the pilot. Ned Stark (Sean Bean) holds the ancestral greatsword of the Starks, Ice, in his hands while his ward and squire, Theon Grejoy (Alfie Allen) looks on. Behind Alife is Ser Rodrik Cassel (Ron Donachie), master-at-arms of Winterfell. The North is already cold in the late summer, and the Stark direwolf banner can be seen whipping in the wind.

Some noticeable details are the fact that Ice is indeed a massive weapon, and built in a very realistic, functional manner. In the books, the sword is made using the supernaturally sharp and durable Valyrian steel, which can be identified by its very dark hue and the ripples in it; nothing like that is easily discernable in this shot. The scabbard from which Ice is pulled can just be glimpsed in the lower right: a wolf’s head surrounds the scabbard’s opening, which is a really terrific elaboration on the source material. Fur and wool seem to be the order of the day as far as costuming goes.

Notice also that Ned has a more normal sized belted on his hip. Its pommel and hilt seem like a miniature of Ice’s.

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