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Preview 02: Screencap 101

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This one is fascinating. At first I merely thought him an example of an eastern guest at the wedding… but something we glimpse as this shot scrolls up makes me think otherwise. His robes are somewhat Arabic in styling, with the stripes, his turban is orange and scarlet, and he’s carrying a snake, of all things. Is this our very first look at a Dornishman, a secret emissary sent by the Martells to the wedding?

Of course, whether Prince Doran would actually do that… the answer is probably no. However, anything to introduce the Dornish to us, even through a passing glimpse, is okay with me. Given that the Rhoynar seem to have been forgotten out of the royal title, I’m pleased that Dorne’s not going to be entirely forgotten.

If, of course, he’s a Dornishman. He could be from one of the other Free Cities, for all we know.

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