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The battle continues between the brothers as they fight in front of the stands. A Kingsguard stands idle, it seems, while Lord Eddard, Sansa, Grand Maester Pycelle, and Littlefinger look on. The robed men to the right of Ned are likely to be septons of some variety.

It’s been suggested that the man in the red robes might be the show’s way of giving fans a nod by having a red priest—Thoros of Myr—present. He’s an extra, whoever he is, so if Thoros is cast down the road, it will likely be with some other actor. That said, to me these robes seem rather similar to the robes of individuals who seem to be septons, other than the fact that there’s no white. He may well represent a Most Devout or something of the sort, rather than a priest of R’hllor.

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