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Preview 02: Screencap 71

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Here’s Ser Rodrik fighting on the High Road, taking out a wildling. He’s carrying the round, wolf’s head shield of the Stark guard, which is a little surprising. In the novels, of course, his travels with Catelyn are carried out in secret. Carrying such a piece of equipment would surely raise eyebrows and undermine the secrecy. Presumably, in the TV show, Rodrik carries it under a cloak or something to prevent this from being an issue.

We’d love to see Ron Donachie get more work, and I’ve seen the idea floated that he’d make a brillaint Abner Marsh in GRRM’s fantastic, Antebellum vampire horror novel, Fevre Dream—a novel which Donachie has been a fan of for many years, I’ve been told.

A detail I missed, but noted in comments: it sure looks like he still has his whiskers here. Per the books, he shaves them after a sea journey which leaves him terribly seasick, the results of which make his whiskers rather ... foul. Not a problem any longer, or at least not as much of a problem.

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