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Prince Joffrey Baratheon

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The heir to the Iron Throne, Prince Joffrey, in all of his finery. The rich, deep red hue of of his long leath doublet and the wide sleeves of the tunic under it make for a rather striking figure, making him seem even more a Lannister than his uncle, Ser Jaime, or even his mother, Cersei, who affects less of the Lannister red than her son.

We also get a very fine look at Lion’s Tooth, as Prince Joffrey names his sword with somewhat childish enthusiasm (in the novels, no one takes names for weapons seriously, except for heirloom Valyrian steel weapons). This design is post-pilot, and features a very handsome sculpted metal lion’s head on the pommel as well as what’s supposed to be a ruby or possibly a garnet set on the top of the pommel.

To the right, you can glimpse a hint of blue fabric which makes us think that Sansa may be standing besides Joffrey, since she does have at least one blue gown, seen here.

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