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We’ve seen this image before, though from an earlier moment. Yet again, you can just glimpse a surreptitious actors mark for Mark Addy to use to let him know where he should stand in relation to the camera during this scene.

A lot going on in this scene, as the Starks and their household kneel before King Robert. Nearest to us is Catelyn, and her cloak here is shown to have a lovely design in blue and a sort of gold shade. Next to her is Lord Eddard, and then we can just glimpse the braided hair of their daughter Sansa just beyond him.

A pleasant surprise was noted to us, though, by another character we’ve not seen up to now: Hodor! He’s at the far right edge of the shot, kneeling down with all the rest. Hard to see just how big Kristian Nairn is in this shot.

We also seem some clearer details of the Stark guards. We see three distinct helmet types. At the left end, we have Stark guardsman in a sort of uniform set of equipment, with fairly plain visorless, bascinet-style helmet. Then there’s guards wearing somewhat more varied equipment, marked by a similar bascinet with a rivetted front to match the riveted, wide gorget they wear; one of the men may have studs on his jerkin, as well, suggesting something like a coat of plates. Finally, some guards wear cloaks and a different kind of helmet with what sort of looks like fur hanging down from the rim. This last is a design we’re not particularly fond of, to be honest, as it feels overly fantastical for the sake of fantasy, but on the whole the looks of the guards are very good and could very much fit in with what many readers imagine.

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