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Teaser 02: Screencap 08

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Eddard Stark turns away from the Small Council table, as King Robert yells at him. Varys and Grand Maester Pycelle look on. Varys—a eunuch—looks perfectly matching his description: bald and plump. Mark Addy does not seem to be raised up in any way to make him seem as tall as described in the books, but he looks large and imposing none the less. Notice the detail of the chair that Eddard has abandoned: it has a hand on it, representing his office. There appears to be a brooch or similar item on the table in front of the king, placing this scene as one from the first novel.

The background details are great, from the ivy on the column to the tapestry featuring a hunting scene (among Robert’s favorite artistic depictions) and even the little Valyrian sphinx on the table.

Interestingly, the details of furnishings look quite later, almost Rococo in style. An interesting direction to go, one which may help inform some of the more ornate pieces of armor we see elsewhere.

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