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Teaser 03: Screencap 30

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This is our first really clear look at the Hound as well as the heir to the throne, Prince Joffrey, with very short hair that’s at odds with the long, blond curls that Sansa sighs over in the novel. This is a scene taking directly from the novels, although there are some differences—for example, the Hound and Joffrey both are being armored in preparation for practice in this scene, and in particular the Hound has the helmet which has helped give him his byname. However, an instant after this screencap, we see Tyrion deliver a slap to his nephew that he richly deserves.

A notable detail? It looks like Joffrey has Lion’s Tooth, his sword, at his belt. It’s a bastard sword by the looks of that long hilt that he’s resting his hand on.

As noted in comments, another change is just

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