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Teaser 06: Screencap 15

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The first glimpse of King’s Landing released to the public. Linda and I briefly saw it in the 15-minute reel shown at TCA, and this is even better than that shot. The Red Keep is an amazing, fantastical construction, with incredibly tall towers. It’s beyond anything that George describes for the castle in the novel, and is certainly very impressive. We’ll be interested to see if Maegor’s Holdfast—the small, castle-within-a-castle keep that houses the royal apartments—survives in this design.

Besides this, we also see King’s Landing stretching out. The most notable point of interest must be the structure of slender spires to the right side of the image, which we’re fairly certain represents the Great Sept of Baelor. We can’t quite see if the ruined dome of the Dragonpit can also be seen here, although I do recall that it was present in at least some of the concept art that I saw in Belfast.

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