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Trailer 01: Screencap 03

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Okay, before anyone wants to argue: this is an Other (or a white walker, as the show prefers). The concept art I saw in Belfast closely matches this: noseless face, glowy eyes, even hair on its head. Notes from when I saw the 15-minute-reel also noted that we briefly glimpse its arm, and it has a sort of icy vambrace on its arm, just as with the concept art. Finally, you can see it’s swinging a sword of ice, and I actually handled one of the props when I was at Magheramorne; it was amazing what they could do with resin!

So. An other. There’s someone who actually plays one in the prologue (I gathered the scene had been shot not long before I arrived in Belfast in late October 2010), and there’s someone else who’s playing a wight. They are not being combined. They are not making one into the other. It is an Other.

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