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Viserys Targaryen

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Prince Viserys, played by Harry Lloyd. This still was clearly shot in Malta, where some of the eastern scenes were shot. It makes us realize something, however: while they’re likely going to try and fix the few glimpses of the Targaryen banner we saw to move it from four legs to two legs, there’s no way they’re going to edit every shot of Lloyd in this robe embroidered with a four-legged dragon, or the golden, four-legged dragon on his belt.

We’ll just have to get used to that particular inconsistency, we suspect, but fans should be quite appreciative that the production made efforts to correct things and make them more accurate (within the constraints of time, budget, and their particular vision).

Other than that, we love the look of it all, the materials used—with the high collar around his neck looking vaguely scaled—and that belt is simply gorgeous.

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