Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Asha Greyjoy

Played by Gemma Whelan

Asha is the only daughter of Lord Balon Greyjoy. Lean and long-legged, dark hair cropped short, with a thin face and a somewhat over-sized, over-sharp nose, she is a noted captain, a capable warrior, and has a devoted crew of followers.

On the show, her name is Yara, which appears to be the victim of HBO executives (or possibly the executive producers) failing to trust the intelligence of viewers out of fear that her name and Osha’s would somehow be confused. And that despite the fact that Osha’s name was never really stated within any first season episode. (Yes, we’re a little disappointed.)


Season Two

Meeting Theon in the Iron Islands, Asha does not identify herself, and seems amused by his efforts to woo her. However, all is revealed at Pyke, and it’s plain that Theon is uncomfortable with her. She mocks him and his pretensions. Trusted by her father, she is given command of a force to seize Deepwood Motte, while Theon is left to harry the western shore of the North. When Theon takes matters into his own hands and seizes Winterfell as well as Bran and Ryckon, he sends for Asha to provide him troops. She personally arrives with a few men, but reveals they’re there to escort him to safety, as Winterfell cannot be held and is too far from the sea. Theon refuses, and Asha leaves, leaving a few of her men behind.