Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Balon Greyjoy

Played by Patrick Malahide

Father of Yara

Asha and Theon, Lord Balon is an aged man with long, gray hair, a very gaunt appearance, and hard black eyes. Having once rebelled against Robert and crowned himself, Lord Balon has since brooded at his seat of Pyke over the last nine years.

The actor cast in the roll seems an excellent choice, although we doubt he’ll have Lord Balon’s long locks.


Season Three

Lord Balon is at Pyke when a missive arrives from Ramsay Snow, son of Roose Bolton, warning them to remove all the ironborn from the North. If not, he promises, he will do to them what he’s done to Theon. He offers them a “piece of prince”, Theon Greyjoy’s genitals. Balon gives up Theon for lost, calling him a fool and washing his hands of him, but Asha refuses to give up on her brother and gathers the hardest fighting men in the Iron Islands on an expedition to try and retrieve him.