Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Shireen Baratheon

Played by Kerry Ingram

The only child of Stannis and Selyse, Shireen is a lonely child, and one who blends the square jaw of her father with her mother’s more unfortunate traits. On top of that, the child nearly died when young thanks to a bout of greycale that let her face disfigured with the grey, stone-like scales that remain.

Kerry Ingram doesn’t have a square jaw or protuding ears, to say the least. She is also several years older than Shireen in the novels.


Season Three

Shireen, who is fond of Ser Davos, learns from her father that Ser Davos is a traitor to his cause and sits in a cell. Despite this, Shireen goes to Davos and gives him a book, only to learn that he cannot read. Shireen determines to help him, and after he is freed she begins to give him reading lessons.