Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show



Played by Rose Leslie

A wildling spearwife—a warrior woman—Ygritte is said to be “kissed by fire” by her fellow wildlings, thanks to her shaggy mop of red hair, which is considered lucky. About 20 years old, Ygritte is common in appearance, with a pug nose, crooked teeth, a round peasant’s face.

On the show, Ygritte is portrayed by Rose Leslie who, all in all, is rather prettier than the character as described in the novel.


Season Three

Traveling with Jon to the wildling encampment, Ygritte takes Jon to Mance Rayder, who accepts Jon among them. Eventually Jon and Ygritte are dispatched with Tormund Giantsbane and a troop of wildlings to cross the Wall and attack Castle Black. In their journey, Ygritte and Jon become lovers, and Ygritte makes it plain that she both knows Jon was not fully committed to the wildlings and that she trusts that he will be fully committed to her. The two make the harrowing climb up the Wall, surviving where others die. However, when the wildlings attack a lone farmer for his horses, Jon provides a warning so the man can escape, and attempts to stop Ygritte from killing him with an arrow. The two take part in the chase after the man, and catch up to him. The wildling Orell, who had expressed his desire for Ygritte, urges Tormund to make Jon kill the northman. Jon refuses, leading Ygritte to kill the man herself, but a fight breaks out. Tormund seizes Ygritte and keeps her down as Jon fights the other wildlings, killing Orell in the process. Unaware of the fact that his brothers are in a ruined tower, Jon is in part protected by Bran directing Summer to Jon’s aid. Jon flees on horseback. Ygritte eventually tracks him and confronts him, where Jon attempts to explain that he has to go back to the Watch to warn them. Ygritte shoots him three times with her bow as he rides away, but does not kill him.