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Catelyn and Tyrion

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And at last, I think the very watchful can figure out that here we’re in the High Hall of the Eyrie in the Vale of Arryn ... and it’s not a narrow, rectangular hall, but rather a great circular chamber. We marvelled at it as we were there, as it looks quite terrific. Besides Peter Dinklage as Tyrion, we have Michele Fairley in the role of Catelyn Stark. Another shot of her can be found here.

The armor of the Vale guardsmen is rather nice, but it’s Ser Vardis’s armor that really stands out here. It’s a full suit of plate armor, much as Ser Vardis is actually described as wearing, although McCormack is rather younger than the novel’s original version of the character, and his armor certainly looks amazing with this pyramidal studding (referencing the Mountains of the Moon which surround the Vale?) all over it. It’s an exceptional example of the armorer’s craft.

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