Game of Thrones

HBO's 'A Song of Ice and Fire' TV Show


Comcast Features Game of Thrones

The appearance of a smorgasbord of videos at Fancast was a tip-off that Comcast and HBO had decided to partner in releasing a lot of exclusive information to U.S.-residents (the clips are available only in the U.S.) and particularly to Comcast subscribers (with a number of special, extended-length videos available only on Comcast On Demand’s Top Picks). Comcast now makes it official, however, with this post indicating that it’s kicking-off a new partnership with all this Game of Thrones material, with the promise of more (including a video discussing the creation of the Dothraki language).

Comcast has released one of the videos to Youtube. This “On Location” piece has a few familiar scenes and interview clips, but there’s also quite a few new images and scenes to be seen as well!