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The Bastard of Winterfell: Interviewing Kit Harington

Continuing our series of interviews from the international press junket—see here for those, and all of our season 1 interviews as well!—we had the chance to meet with and talk to actor Kit Harington about his role as Jon Snow.

The young actor is definitely a favorite with some fans, and he discusses a bit of the fun fans have with the series, while sharing anecdotes from Iceland about the cold, fight scenes, and newcomer to the series Rose Leslie. Plus some intriguing thoughts about what Jon Snow thinks about his mother, these days, as well as the benefits (and pitfalls!) of working in scenes that feature significant digital elements (i.e. direwolves).

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This is actually the second interview we had with Kit—he was kind enough to talk to us last year as well, and you can see that interview here. And for those hungry for more interviews? Not one, but two interviews on Saturday, leading up to a final interview from the junket on Sunday. Don’t forget that Sunday is #GoTDay, and that we’ll be live commenting the first episode of season 1, “Winter is Coming”, while it airs on HBO2. See here for more, and find out who else is going to be commenting the episodes during the Game of Thrones marathon!