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Secret Seven Revealed

The “secret seven”, as George R. R. Martin dubbed the seven actors cast in seven roles he has been teasing, have now been revealed at the Hollywood Reporter. Thanks to George’s clues over the last days, almost all the actors had been guessed at by fans at the A Song of Ice and Fire forums and the Winter is Coming blog. GRRM is posting information about each actor a Not a Blog.

Nikolaj Coster-Waldau will play Jaime Lannister, Alfie Allen (brother of singer Lily Allen) will play Theon Greyjoy, Richard Madden is Robb Stark, Tamzin Merchant is Daenerys Targaryen, Iain Glen is Ser Jorah Mormont, and finally two child-actresses, Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner, shall play Arya and Sansa Stark respectively. Contrary to what the Hollywood Reporter claims, Sophie Turner has not been on Doctor Who; they’re confusing her with the adult actress of the same name.

In comments, GRRM also remarks on the fact that Sandor has several good possibilities auditioned and under consideration. He feels that the hardest roles to cast will be Bran and Hodor.