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So Spake Martin Update

Reports from GRRM’s signing tour stops in New York City, Petaluma, and San Francisco have been placed in the So Spake Martin collection.

So Spake Martin Update

Reports from GRRM’s signing tour stops at Indianapolis and Madison have been placed in the So Spake Martin collection.

So Spake Martin Update

More reports from GRRM’s signing tour have been placed in the So Spake Martin collection.

So Spake Martin and FAQ Updates

Reports from GRRM’s signing tour, plus a lengthy mail from GRRM to Amok regarding the apperances of the crowned Targaryens, have been placed in the So Spake Martin collection. Also, the FAQ has been updated to look forward to ADwD.

Board Fundraiser

Now that the board has successfully migrated and proved to work very well indeed, it’s time to raise funds for it. If you’d like to read more, or contribute, please go to this thread.

UPDATE: We successfully completed this fundraiser in a little over 12 hours, so it is not closed. Thanks to everyone who contributed!

A Speedier Site

No, the Citadel isn’t moving. However, we’ve implemented gzipping on the fly. What does that mean?

New Forum

After much time and effort spent by Linda, our new A Song of Ice and Fire board is just about ready to go live. Feel free to visit, peruse, and (better) yet participate! At present, the series-discussion threads are closed while we prepare some code for spoiler protection, but everything else is presently active. The current board will probably be closed down entirely on Monday; if you’re a past or present user of that forum, do check the Post Count topic in the Help of the new board.

So Spake Martin Update

Several signing reports from GRRM’s UK tour have been added to the So Spake Martin collection. If you have attended any of his signings in the UK, or will be attending any of the ones in the US, feel free to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) a report for inclusion in the collection.

Helping Artists

In a bid to help artists produce more A Song of Ice and Fire art, Linda and I have decided to just put the word out that we’d be very happy to assist any and all artists (whether working in a professional or a fan capacity). We’ve consulted on art and other matters for Guardians of Order’s A Game of Thrones RPG, DB Pro’s "The Hedge Knight" comic book adaption, and Testors’s forthcoming miniatures line, and are keen on helping anyone else who wants to speed up their research and get things to look just right. Need to know what a castle is supposed to look like? What kind of cloth is used in the setting? How a particular scene, and the participants in it, are described? Ask us!

FAQ Update

The FAQ has been updated to include links to Brotherhood without Banners and our history of the War of the Usurper.

Downtime Again

In fact, the previously reported downtime did not take place due to a snafu on the provider’s side. It has now been re-scheduled for today, beginning at 2000 CST and ending at approximately 2400 CST.

Upcoming Downtime

The server Westeros.org is hosted on will be down for several hours this evening (American EST) for a hardware upgrade. It should be back up once the upgrade is completed.

Artwork Update

The Artwork section has been updated with a new artist, Andrew Kurz, who has contributed some very strong, stark black-and-white images drawn from the series with a diverse range of subjects from people to places and on to specific events.

Books Update

A long overdue update has been made to our reviews of the "Dunk & Egg " stories; the review of "The Hedge Knight" has been significantly expanded upon, and "The Sworn Sword" has finally had a review added. Read them at The Citadel (or under All Sorts of Weird Stuff).

As an aside, we’d like to mention that we’ll also be working on adding more non-GRRM reviews, but that from now on, only a few select ones will be displayed in the Books section of The Citadel at any given time. The full collection will instead be found at our new, personal site, Hippoi Athanatoi, predictably enough in the Reviews section.

So Spake Martin Update

At last, two lengthy reports on ASoIaF-elevant information gained at Worldcon added to the So Spake Martin collection, in the Reports section. For those who were present, if there are any errors or omissions, please do make a note of it.