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4th Link of the Maester’s Path

It’s now live, and boy, it was a tough one. There’s really two parts to this puzzle, as you try and put pages from a journal observing the seasons back into some sort of order. Here’s some hints:

  • It really does look like you can sort of decipher the texts—weird characters and all—if you know the names of the various houses represented on the pages, which the Heraldry section of the Citadel could reveal ... but we’ll just note them because, in fact, you do not in fact need to decipher the text: Baratheon, Bracken, Frey, Florent (although it’s the Florent fox, it seems what was in fact intended was Prester’s ox, because that’s the actual name under the shield), Greyjoy, Lannister, Mormont, Redwyne, Stark, Targaryen, Tully, and Tyrell.
  • BUT, if you can take the time to decipher them, do so. The Tully text is a particularly nice to the recent history of Westeros!
  • The easy part of the puzzle is figuring out which page should be uppermost between the front and back pairs. Look at the moonphases, and set them out so that the earliest part of the cycle is towards you.
  • The hard part is deciphering the order of the various pages. The key to them? Look down at the bottom. Those are numerals, and given the fact that each pair shares the same numeral, we can guess they are not page numbers. Instead, they are probably years…
  • And if they’re years, we know that the first digit—which is the same between all of them—must be either 1 or 2, making these pages covers the 100th-odd or 200-odd year since Aegon’s Landing (remember, it’s not quite the year 300 AL).
  • Could the digits under the weather symbols be helpful? Maybe, if you can guess the season based on the weather, you can make a stab at what sort of temperatures (hot or cold), and narrow down the possibilities.
  • There’s just seven digits in total used for the years, so you might be able to eliminate some from contention on that basis…

Not an easy puzzle, by any means, but a satisfying one to figure out!