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A Glimpse at the Final Manuscript

NOTE: This video has now been removed. However, discussion of the spoilers contained in it can be found here. A second video has been posted, see our next post.

Anne Groell, editor of A Dance with Dragons (US, UK), has shared a video where she shows off the massive, massive ADwD manuscript—all 1547 pages of it. And, best of all, she reads tiny little snippets from it at random, giving a taste of what’s to come. See below for some spoilers!

She read from the Prologue, a Tyrion chapter concerning greyscale, a chapter concerning wildlings at the Wall, something unexplained about someone who fled King’s Landing after Joffrey’s death, Ramsay Bolton making threats at Winterfell, and Victarion Greyjoy being informed of a ship with black sails sailing alone.