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Blackfyre Replica Announced

Jalic Blades, who among other things produce the Valyrian Steel line of A Song of Ice and Fire and Game of Thrones replicas, has just announced that tomorrow they will launch preorders for a replica of Blackfyre, the sword of Aegon the Conqueror and many of his heirs. It is a limited edition stainless steel sword, and that some time after they will also produce an even more limited Damascus steel version of the sword.

UPDATE: The even-more-limited Damascus edition is now available for pre-order as well.

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Notably, this replica is done with George’s approval and represents the Valyrian steel sword more-or-less as George himself imagines it. We have caught glimpses of the sword as envisioned by House of the Dragon, and notably you can see some of the same design language in the hilt with the dragon heads but with greater ornateness in the literary version versus the media version of the sword.

Speaking of the swords of House of the Dragon, we very recently learned the name of a very well-known swordsmith who Ryan Condal had indicated was his choice for designing the key swords for the TV show. As it happened, he’s “local” to us, as it was Sweden’s SVT that got wind of the fact that Peter Johnsson—practically a living legend among swordsmiths whose work has graced museums such as Sweden’s Royal Armoury and even art galleries, and who has produced exacting recreation of historic swords for Albion Swords——was that man. According to the interview with Johnsson, Condal had once commissioned him privately for a sword, and that’s why he turned to him. Johnsson’s work is known for exceptional levels of meticulous research, and he has worked to develop a geometric design language which can be used to better understand the way swords are made.

An additional image of the Valyrian Steel Blackfyre can be found at Jalic Blades. Remember, pre-orders open tomorrow at noon eastern time!