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Elden Ring Mythos Created by GRRM

A spate of reports concerning the FromSoftware’s forthcoming RPG Elden Ring, as the developers have provided game journalists access to previews of the game and interviews with the developers. The game, from a developer already extremely famous for its Dark Souls series, added George R. R. Martin to its creative team when the game first entered development. Now, in an interview transcribed at The Verge, Yasuhiro Kitao from FromSoft reveals that GRRM’s participation was very early on and quite particular.

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A newly-released screenshot from Elden Ring.

From The Verge:

Elden Ring is billed as a collaboration between Martin and FromSoftware, but the reality sounds slightly less involved than that. Instead of working on the game together simultaneously, Martin got things started by outlining the world and its history, before passing it off to the studio to make the game. Here’s how Kitao explains the working relationship:

George R.R. Martin provided us the mythos for the world, which takes place many, many years before the events of the game, and really shapes a lot of the current state of the world and its characters. We think this original mythos that he created really had a lot of influence on our approach to the narrative this time. George R.R. Martin was kind enough to hand that over for us to do what we want with it, and Miyazaki has had a lot of fun playing around with that mythos.

We felt it was a really inspiring collaboration. When George R.R. Martin says “Okay, here’s the mythos, do what you will with it,” Miyazaki is just going to run with it. So he’s really taken a lot of inspiration. Miyazaki has really been free to take his own interpretations and create his own characters based off of that. He’s really enjoyed having this script as a backbone.