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Fire and Blood Preview: Targaryen Family Tree

At SDCC, Random House has made a poster available featuring the Targaryen family tree that will appear in Fire and Blood, and provided a signup link for their mailing list that leads to a PDF of the same. We don’t have that handy, but what we do have is an image of the poster:

Fans have already starting poring over it, and we thought we’d comment on a couple of things that have been pointed out

First, yes, Rhaenys not being connected to Aegon as a spouse is an error (and Aenys as their offspring, consquently), not some hint that GRRM has radically changed a fundamental aspect of Tagaryen history! We admit we were one of quite a few eyes asked to look at this, and for our part we were so focused on the minutiae that this rather obvious issue totally passed us by. We’ve passed it on to Anne Groell and her editorial staff to see if there’s time to fix it before the book hits the press.

Regarding the changes to the children of Jaehaerys I and Alysanne, it should go without saying that their history has seen the most substantial expansion, as befitting a couple who rule so very long. As I commented at the A Song of Ice and Fire forum on Westeros:

“... George had some new ideas for some of the names and the stories of the children who died young, and corrected some issues that came out of his original birth order (we actually got the names of all the kids quite late in the production of TWoIaF—literally a month before we had to finalize the book—so there was not much time to interrogate it). However, the stories of those who live to adulthood, as published in TWoIaF, do remain the same (just, of course, much more detailed).”

And finally, yes, we’re seeing if TWoIaF can get its family tree updated accordingly. There are some other fairly minor updates to TWoIaF that have already been submitted for the next print of the book along similar lines (for example, we worked with GRRM to firmly nail down the timeline concerning Grand Maester Gerardys, and there have been some inconsistencies that have been corrected). There’s one particular change that we’ll discuss nearer to Fire and Blood‘s publication—not a change to the histories in itself, but a change to the writing of The World of Ice and Fire as recounted by Maester Yandel of the Citadel.