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Hodgman on Ice and Fire

Noted humorist and actor John Hodgman—perhaps best known for his role as the “PC in Apple’s famous “Get a Mac” series of commercials—is interviewed on a wide range of topics by Ken Plume. A wide range of topics are discussed, but notably among them is Hodgman taking time out (approximately 15 minutes of the total interview) to discuss the series and his views on the topic of creative endeavors. Hodgman has previously praised the series—of which he’s read the first three—and George has reciprocated the kudos.

We suggested to Mr. Plume that he should invite GRRM to his interview series once he’s read A Game of Thrones (which Hodgman’s praise has led him to pick up), but I think it’d be entertaining to have GRRM and Hodgman both on at the same time, sharing their experiences as writers, creative media talents, and creators in general. With maybe a dash of football on the side, as Hodgman—like George—is a professed fan of the NY Jets. It’d be an entertaining, insightful hour, we suspect.

Make sure to poke around Fred, Plume’s site, for his many other interviews, as he’s very skilled in getting a conversation going.