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Mattson Tomlin Talks Aegon the Conqueror

In the course of promoting his upcoming Netflix original anime, Terminator: Zero, writer Mattson Tomlin did answer some questions from EW about progress on the Aegon the Conqueror series he’s developing for HBO.

Revealed back in February, Tomlin says it’s still very early on the script, but he’s been having a deal of back and forth discussion with George R.R. Martin about it.

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Aegon the Conqueror on Balerion, the Black Dread.

A key quote from Tomlin:

“In speaking to George, it became really clear, ‘This is history, treat this like it is what happened,’” he explains. “Unlike the original series, I don’t have thousands of pages to go off to adapt. I’ve got a couple hundred that I’m really focused on, and in those pages of Fire & Blood, there are a lot of clues. It kind of turns into doing Napoleon or doing Alexander the Great or doing some great historical figure where we know a lot about the guy. We know where he was, we know who he conquered, we know who lived, and we know who died. That all becomes the plot, and then it becomes my job to go, but what did it mean thematically? How did it feel? What were the emotions when this person died and this person lived? We don’t have the context. We don’t know what anybody said.”

EW‘s report closes with one other little detail, with a comment from Ryan Condal (show runner and lead writer of House of the Dragon) is also somewhat involved in the Conquest series as “[p]eople are picking my brains all the time.”

Tomlin’s remarks sound pretty spot on to us, and we did think that his account of GRRM’s remark that he should treat the material as “what happened” might be a way to emphasize his wish that Tomlin play the details of the history as revealed in Fire and Blood as clear and correct fact rather than playing around with a “secret” history(like the proposed drunkard Aegon the Conqueror series that was initially being developed at HBO by other writers).