The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


New French Editions

Thanks to our friends at La Garde de Nuit, we’ve learned that GRRM’s French publishers, J’ai Lu, are republishing the “A Song of Ice and Fire” series in integral paperback editions. The French standard up to now has been to split each book into three volumes, so these new integral editions should be welcome to French readers. Besides standardizing the novels into single volumes, they come equipped with brand-new cover art by artist Marc Simonetti, who has provided art for Fantasy Flight Games in the past.

Simonetti has shared the covers for the first two books, which will be published at the same time in January 2010, as well as the cover for the third at his Deviant Art page in a gallery with his other “A Song of Ice and Fire” pieces for Fantasy Flight Games. The integral edition of A Storm of Swords is set for a June release, and the integral edition of A Feast for Crows is set for a September release.