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New Game of Thrones RPG Trailer

Like clockwork, yesterday’s post with detailed information regarding the officially licensed Game of Thrones: The Roleplaying Game has been followed up with the serendipitous arrival of a two minute long trailer, which you can see embedded below courtesy of German gaming site GameStar:

And that’s not all, folks, because it turns out that French site Fantasy.fr was also present at the presentation in Paris… and got to record it! See below for those videos, which show off some of the gameplay and cutscenes and locations, and a synopsis of additional details from them. Note that the video presentation is all in French.

Here’s the additional information we can glean:

  • It took a year and six drafts to hit on the right story, and Cyanide’s team of 40 have been working on the game for about 3 years.
  • There are four possible endings for the game’s story. As previously mentioned, the game is divided into “chapters”, alternating between the two main characters. According to this report, there are 15 chapters, which can include optional side-missions that tie into the main storyline of the game.
  • Eventually the story threads will come together, with both characters working with one another towards the end game.
  • Besides using the likenesses and voices of certain of the characters from the series, they have the right to use the soundtrack, as well as the right to use the voices of the French voice actors who’ve dubbed the series in France.
  • There are often several ways out of a problem. An example features Mors having to get out of a citadel unseen, and having the option of taking and wearing a guard’s uniform to sneak out, or to skinchange into his dog to be able to overhear conversations that might help him escape, or sniff out a secret passage.
  • There’s an autosave feature, and the game can be saved at any point except during combat or dialog.