The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' Domain


Unseen Westeros VR

The amazing Unseen Westeros art exhibition, which we reported on and which I attended during its preview opening in Berlin, has in collaboartion with Adobe decided to provide a unique VR look at just a fraction of the gorgeous artworks created by the talented professional concept and matte artists (many of whom have worked on Game of Thrones). You can see the VR experience here on Youtube:

Below is the press release as well as details for the nine images shown:

Explore Westeros in immersive virtual reality experience

A new virtual reality experience from Adobe allows fans to immerse themselves in unseen locations from the “A Song of Ice and Fire” book series, as imagined by professional concept artists.

You can now experience nine illustrations of places in Westeros, Essos and beyond in stunning VR, exploring the unpublished locations from the hit book series in immersive depth and detail – including the castles of Strongsong, Widow’s Watch and Golden Tooth, and mysterious far-flung cities and forests.

Discover these locations and more in immersive 360 degrees here: all that is required is a mobile phone and a VR headset.

Earlier this year, Adobe collaborated with the Unseen Westeros exhibition in Berlin, an event that brought together the work of 40 conceptual artists to illustrate “pre-story” scenes from George R.R Martin’s novels, A Song of Ice and Fire, that have never been seen before.

The artists involved in the exhibition and VR experience used Adobe Photoshop to create their illustrations. Adobe has also created a tutorial to help artists create their very own landscapes based on A Song of Ice and Fire.

Sven Sauer, creator of the Unseen Westeros exhibition, has been working for the Game of Thrones series since series 2, developing the famous locations such as Dragonstone and Harrenhal.

All nine locations from the VR experience are:

  • Golden Tooth: Home to House Lefford and sworn to House Lannister, Golden Tooth’s name aptly reflects the vast wealth of the Westerlands.
  • Strongsong: Situated in the Vale, Strongsong is the seat of House Belmore – a powerful family sworn to House Arryn.
  • Widow’s Watch: The ancient fort of House Flint, sworn to the Starks and found on the rocky coast south-east of Winterfell.
  • Kingdom of the Ifequevron: Located in northern Essos’ forested region, it is said that even the Khals fear the powers of Ifequevron. In the Dothraki tongue, ‘Ifeguevron’ means Wood Walkers.
  • Valyria/Smoking Sea: Once home to dragons and the most advanced civilisation in the world, the ancient city of Valyria was wiped out by a still unknown disaster.
  • The Five Forts: Untold of age, these fortresses sit far from Westeros – yet much like The Wall they guard against raiders, and more sinister threats may lurk beyond.

  • Summer Isles: South of Westeros, these islands are home to colourful rainforests and beaches, precious stones and exotic birds, and are a vital centre for trade.
  • Sothoryos: The southern-most continent of the known world, ruined cities suggest it once hosted civilisation, but those that dare venture here rarely return to tell the tale.
  • Basilisk Isles: Close to the coast of Sothoryos, these isles were once home to monstrous reptiles - and remain a haven for deadly creatures.