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GRRM Confirms SNOW In Development

At “Not a Blog”, George R.R. Martin goes into some detail—as far as he’s able—as he confirms the news that a Jon Snow series is in development under the working title of Snow. In the process, he confirms that Kit Harington is the originator of the series (as revealed by Emilia Clarke in a recent BBC profile), that he and his own team of writers and consultants are working with Harington’s team, and that the project has actually been in development nearly as long as projects that we learned about last year rather than being a very new development.

There’s also some Winds of Winter information, as George notes that he was recently “back with Tyrion,” and GRRM also discusses his recent (misconstrued) remarks on The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power as well as continuing work on short films based on the works of the great Howard Waldrop.

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HBO Developing Jon Snow Spin-off

Via James Hibberd at The Hollywood Reporter, we’ve learned that Kit Harington is attached to star in Jon Snow spin-off series set after the end of Game of Thrones. Suffice it to say, the new has sent shockwaves through fandom, casual and hardcore alike. For our part, it doesn’t seem all that surprising, for the reasons laid out in Deadline‘s confirmation.

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Take the Black: New Game of Thrones Experience

This is a clever way to promote the forthcoming release of the Game of Thrones second season complete collection being released in the US on February 19th (Pre-order: US Bluray, US DVD, UK Bluray, UK DVD): My Watch Begins, a website where fans can record their taking of the oath of the Night’s Watch, led by Jon Snow himself. Very fun, especially as you can mix in other voices with your own, creating a legion of men (and women!) taking the black. It also looks like some special event is being planned in New York City on the 18th if you click the #taketheblack hash tag link at the bottom of the site. A mass oath-taking in Central Park, maybe?

UPDATE: Here’s a promotional video tied-in to the new online experience that Campfire have made:

And speaking of Jon Snow, here’s another preview of the extras that are coming on the Blu-ray set (which we’re hoping to get a review copy of in the next couple days—stay tuned!), courtesy of MTV, where Kit Harington discusses just how cold it can get in Iceland:

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