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3.4. Which are the known Valyrian steel swords?
  • Blackfyre - The ancestral sword of House Targaryen. Last known to be wielded by Bittersteel, one of Aegon IV's Great Bastards, after the death of Daemon Blackfyre and his sons on the Redgrass Fields. Whereabouts unknown since his death in the Blackfyre Rebellion, although his half-brother Bittersteel took up the sword on the battlefield and may have carried it off into exile. Martin has described it as having been a hand-and-a-half sword
  • Brightroar - The ancestral greatsword of House Lannister. Lost with King Tommen II while on his quest to Valyria (III: 359).
  • Dark Sister - Another sword of House Targaryen, first mentioned in "The Sworn Sword". Wielded by the likes of Prince Aemon the Dragonknight and Lord Bloodraven, one of Aegon the Unworthy's bastards. Whereabouts unknown. Martin has described it as a longsword, suitable for use by a woman.
  • Dawn - Not actually a Valyrian steel sword, although comparable with one. It is made from the metal from a fallen star. It is at least two millenia old, according to GRRM in SSC. Also according to Martin at the D&D, "... sword of the morning is the title assumed by certain men of house dayne who are prooved worthy of wielding Dawn." It is presumably located in Starfall, the seat of House Dayne, as there is no Sword of the Morning and Lord Dayne is a boy. It is a greatsword with a blade "pale as milkglass".
  • Heartsbane - The ancestral greatsword of House Tarly, it has been in the family for nearly 500 years (I: 225). Wielded by Lord Randyll Tarly.
  • Ice - The ancestral greatsword of House Stark for the last 400 years (I: 20). Melted down and reforged into two blades at the command of Lord Tywin Lannister (III: 359).
  • Lady Forlorn - First mentioned in "The Sworn Sword", it is the ancestral longsword of House Corbray.
  • Longclaw - The ancestral hand-and-a-half sword of House Mormont for five centuries (I: 547). Having been left at Bear Island by the disgraced Jorah Mormont, his father Lord Commander Jeor Mormont had it in his keeping until he gave it to Jon Snow in thanks for saving his life.
  • Nightfall - First mentioned in "The Arms of the Kraken", it is the ancestral sword of House Harlaw.
  • Oathkeeper - Newly forged out of the melted-down Ice of House Stark, Oathkeeper was intended for Ser Jaime Lannister. However, he gave it to Brienne of House Tarth. It is a longsword.
  • Red Rain - First mentioned in "The Arms of the Kraken", it is the ancestral sword of House Drumm. An ancestor, Hilmar the Cunning, "had won the blade from a armored knight with wits and a wooden cudgel."
  • Widow's Wail - Newly forged out of the melted-down Ice of House Stark, Widow's Wail was intended for King Joffrey Baratheon. Following his death, it now belongs to his brother, King Tommen. It is a longsword.