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Geek-Ray Vision

[Note: This contains a spoiler for A Dance with Dragons, namely the identity of the new point-of-view character.] Interview

Geeks On Interview

Update Interview

Fantasybookspot Interview

Fantasy Hot List Interview

Book Help Web Interview

Afterburn SF Interview

[Note: The following interview is made available through the Internet Archive. The precise date, beyond April 2006, is unknown.]

Studio One Book Club Interview

Random House Interview

[Note: The precise date, beyond late November 2005, is unknown.]

Fast Forward Interview

Time Out Interview

Science Fiction Weekly Interview at

[Note: This interview is provided through the Internet Archive]

Publisher’s Weekly Interview

Deep Magic Interview in Issue 41

[Note: The following link is a archive of all back issues of Deep Magic, made available following its closure (see here for more information, and includes issue #41 (October 2005 in the archive). The precise date, beyond October 2005, is unknown.]