Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Who’s Who in King’s Landing

Given the size of the CDB and the fact that it is not just PCs that have to be taken into account in terms of the makeup of our two courts, it can be difficult for players to overview the options that exist for whom to socially and politically align themselves with. With this document, we attempt to give a sense of who the core movers and shakers at each court, what they are like and what their general social and political leanings are.

If a player wishes for their character to be part of the circle of a particular character, use +jobs to contact Staff if the character is an NPC. If the character is a PC, seek them out IC.

The Princesses

Princess Naerys

The pious daughter of King Viserys II has been the foremost lady of the court for many years, first due to the imprisonment of King Baelor’s sisters in the Maidenvault and now as the wife of the Prince of Dragonstone, her brother Aegon. She has never been one to attempt to influence the politics of the realm, though she has taken many opportunities to encourage pious and charitable acts, including the founding of an informal fellowship of noblewomen devoted to the Faith known as the Veiled Ladies.

Princess Daena

Called the Defiant after her bearing a fatherless bastard son, Daena is King Viserys’s eldest niece by his late brother King Aegon III Dragonbane. Once wed to her brother King Baelor, until the late king had the unconsummated marriage annulled and soon after placed her and her sisters in confinement in the Maidenvault. Beautiful, bold, mercurial, and outspoken, she seems intent on making up for lost time by enjoying herself at court.

Princess Rhaena

Once confined in the Maidenvault by her brother Baelor the Blessed along with her sisters, Princess Rhaena has been a reticent figure at court, preferring quiet, prayer, and the occasional giving of alms to the poor of the city. She is the most pious of the sisters, showing no interest in the political affairs of the realm.

Princess Elaena

The youngest of the king’s nieces, Elaena is known as sharp-witted and inquisitive, and has taken to her new-found freedom from the Maidenvault with glee. She has shown a keen interest in the affairs of the court, and seems to delight in learning of obscure officials and their duties.

Princess Mariah

Wed to Prince Daeron, the king’s grandson, the Dornish princess Mariah Nymeros Martell has brought with her companions from the south who make a distinctive appearance among the courtiers of the Iron Throne. She has avoided matters of politics, but has been known to encourage alms to the poor of the city on the one hand, and social engagements among the courtiers to foster friendship and good feeling.

Notable Ladies

Lady Taria Buckwell

The aged dowager lady of House Buckwell, Lady Taria has had a long and old association with House Targaryen, whom her family has been closely associated with over several generations. She is known to host gatherings which often draw some of the most influential officials of the court, and even lords of the great houses have been among her guests. They say she still wields some influence at court, with a particular interest in using that influence on behalf of the princesses.

Lady Jyana Lannister

Wed to the heir to the Rock and cousin to the Lord o the Eyrie, Lady Jyana is a woman of delicate health but robust intelligence. She is associated with Princess Naerys and the Veiled Ladies, and is known for her good works.

Lady Reyna Saltcliffe

A daughter of Highgarden, her unusual marriage to Ser Dagur Saltcliffe led (to the surprise of many) to the pair becoming fixtures at court. Her reputation has turned on her close association with Princess Naerys, whom she serves as chatelaine, and like the princess many of her interests involve charity and good acts. Yet she is also one of the chief Tyrells present at court, and it is said that she holds influence with her kin.

Lady Halanna Bracken

Daughter of Lord Ryger, the Master of Laws, and wife to the ambitious Lord of the Stone Hedge, Lady Halanna was a fixture at court for a number of years before her marriage, and has now made a presence for herself again with her husband and step-daughters. A friend of Princess Daena, she shares her interest in the court society, and some say she acts as a kind of gatekeeper to the princess and her inner circle of friends and allies.

The King and the Princes

King Viserys II

Recently come to the throne after years as Hand of the King to his nephews, Viserys II is a man little moved by what pleasures the court offers, instead focusing his energies on ruling. He is more comfortable surrounded by ledgers and edicts than he is with . Crafty and brilliant, he is the keystone of politics at court, and chiefly concerns himself with the matter of running the realm; to a fault, some might say, for his son and heir Prince Aegon is a man given to scandalous behavior that his father rarely bothers himself to constrain.

Prince Aegon

The new Prince of Dragonstone, Aegon is a handsome but fleshy man who is known for his lusty way with women to the rue of his sister and wife, Naerys, his brother, Prince Aemon the Dragonknight, and his lord father, King Viserys II. His mercurial temperament leads him to seek and enjoy all the pleasures being heir to the Iron Throne affords him, and he has gathered to him a collection of ambitious young knights and lords who encourage him in his endeavors.

Prince Daeron

Son of Prince Aegon and Princess Naerys, his marriage to the Dornish princes Mariah Nymeros Martell helped seal King Baelor’s peace with Dorne, and that has proved doubly fruitful following the birth of his own son named for the late king. Though not of a man given to knightly pursuits, Daeron has proved a sober and intelligent courtier who has often been seen at his grandfather’s side watching and learning the rule of the realm. Many Dornish men and women have come to court as part of Mariah’s household, and some have formed bonds of friendship or loyalty with the young prince, boding well for the future of relations with Dorne… but raising eyebrows, as well, with those who hold to old grievances.