Blood of Dragons

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House Grimm of Greyshield

An iron escutcheon with silver studs on a grey-green field strewn with longships proper

General Information

The Blood of Dragons specific information for this house is under construction. However, if you scroll down, you will find the family tree for this house.

General information about House Grimm from the books.

Family Tree

  • Olys Grimm (b. 106), Lord of Greyshield,
    • his first wife, {Lady Bera} of House Chester (b. 107), choked to death (d. 146),
      • his son and heir, Ser Hewyn (b. 125), m. Marena Estermont (b. 129),
        • Hewyn's son, Adwin (b. 146), a squire, formerly squired to Ser Wallace Chester,
        • Hewyn's son, Halyn (b. 148), formerly a ward of Lord Lundram Estermont, now squire to Ser Ethos Mertyns,
        • Hewyn's daughter, Ereyna (b. 152),
      • his son, Adren (b. 128), far-travelled but missing since 155,
      • his daughter, Roslin (b. 130), m. Ser Bradwell Hightower (b. 129), heir to Oldtown,
      • his son, Ser Grance (b. 132), named for his famous grandfather, m. Meraya Bridges (b. 131),
        • Grance's daughter, Alena (b. 153),
        • Grance's son, Joros (b. 155),
    • his second wife, Lady Amyria of House Costayne (b. 131),
      • his son, Corett (b. 150), a squire,
      • his daughter, Tyrane (b. 154), born blind,
    • his siblings:
      • {Ser Grannor} (b. 107), killed in the Dance of the Dragons (d. 130), m. Serella Coldwater (b. 105),
        • Grannor's son, Wysten (b. 125), a customs officer at Oldtown,
          • his bastard son, Ser Jack Flowers (b. 142),
          • his bastard daughter, Wynella Flowers (b. 142),
        • Grannor's son, Ser Durton (b. 127), m. Oryne Moore (b. 127),
          • Durton's daughter, Bressa (b. 144),
          • Durton's daughter, Eldara (b. 145),
          • Durton's son, Jonder (b. 147), a novice at the Citadel,
        • Grannor's son, {Ser Garence} (b. 128), killed in Dorne (d. 157),
        • Grannor's daughter, Jorella (b. 130), m. Ser Dommen Vance (b. 125), of Wayfarer's Rest,
          • Jorella's daughter, Alette Vance (b. 147),
          • Jorella's son, Alastor Vance (b. 148), squire to Balian Blackwood
          • Jorella's son, Aethan Vance (b. 154),
      • {Ser Othan} (b. 112), killed fighting ironborn reavers (d. 136),
      • Cella (b. 118), m. Ser Ronald Florent (b. 115),
      • Nyrise (b. 120), m. Ser Arram Crakehall (b. 120), master-at-arms at Greyshield,
    • his father, {Lord Grance} (b. 80), called the Grim-handed, killed in the Dance of the Dragons (d. 131),
    • his household:
      • Ser Arram Crakehall (b. 120), his good-brother, master-at-arms.