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House Smallwood of Acorn Hall

Six brown acorns, 3-2-1, on yellow

General Information

House Smallwood has been in decline since the Dance of Dragons. Prior to that war, it enjoyed considerably more influence than it does presently. This was largely due to marriages shrewdly arranged by Lord Bellos’ grandfather, which tied them to greater houses like the Tarbecks, Mootons, Presters, and Westerlings.

After the war, the Smallwoods were faced with rebuilding their fortunes, without the help of their stronger Western relations, from whom they were now estranged. To make matters worse, there was a hint of scandal about their house, as one of their younger kin, Beslon, earned the byname, the Bad, during the war for his rapacious nature, and brutal tactics. Before fleeing to the Free Cities, he had sired two bastards whom the Smallwoods had no choice but to recognize and raise, and sired a third on the young sister of Lord Ryger, souring already bad relations with that house. Another scandal followed years later, when Lady Orissa, the wife of Bellos Smallwood, had an affair with a sellsword. Her infidelity cast doubt on the parentage of her youngest child Erron, and infected her with a pox that killed her, and withered her husband to a shadow of his former self.

However despite these setbacks, House Smallwood has in recent years seen some success in restoring its name. Securing more good marriages, and serving honorably in both of King Daeron’s campaigns in Dorne. The last of which would claim Lord Joseth’s life, in a bold attempt to save the Young Dragon.

Currently, Lord Joseth’s son Bellos has ascended to the Smallwood’s seat. He is wasted with a pox, and left with a house that is little spoken of in court, except to reference the bloody deeds of Beslon the Bad, or the brave charge of his late father. However, he has recently taken steps to change that, in sending his son Barion to court, under the care of his cousin, Ser Luthor Rivers, one of the bastards of Beslon the Bad, who is in service to the King.

General information about House Smallwood from the books.

Family Tree

  • Bellos Smallwood (b. 123), Lord of Acorn Hall, a once-robust man now wasted away by a pox,
    • his dead wife, {Orissa Bracken} (b. 126), dead of a pox (d. 150),
    • their children:
      • Bellos's daughter, Andorea (b. 143), m. Ser Harold Kenning, heir to Kayce,
      • Bellos's son, Ser Barion (b. 146), heir to Acorn Hall, an officer of the Warden of the Kingswood (see House Targaryen),
      • Bellos's son, Ser Erron (b. 149), whispered to be a sellsword's son, once squire to {Lord Jonos Crakehall},
    • his siblings:
      • Lady Belle (b. 125), m. Lord Kennald Buckler (b. 126),
      • Ser Walton (b. 129), master-at-arms of Bronzegate (see House Buckler),
        • his squire, Halion Buckler (b. 148), heir to Bronzegate,
      • {A stillborn brother},
      • Meria (b. 138), said by some to be a murderess, m. {Ser Euron Waynwood} (b. 132), believed by some to have been her victim (d. 161),
      • Carene (b. 141),
    • his father, {Lord Joseth}, (b. 104, d. 161), Lord of Acorn Hall, called Oakshanks, killed trying to rescue the Young Dragon,
    • his widowed mother, Lady Leomella of House Westerling (b. 105),
    • his aunts, uncles, and cousins:
      • Lady Helya (b. 102), m Lord Gaston Mooton (b. 100),
      • {Maester Morlan} (b. 107, d. 153),
      • {Ser Tymond} (b. 109), killed in Dorne (d. 157), m. Keleria Wythers (b. 112),
        • Tymond's son, Ser Garwen (b. 131), m. Tasene Gower (b. 133),
        • Tymond's son, Septon Pyron (b. 133),
        • Tymond's daughter, Bethany (b. 139),
      • Lady Tyressa (b. 113), m. Lord Egon Prester (b. 110), Lord of Feastfires,
    • his great-uncle, great-aunt, and cousins:
      • {Ser Theomar} (b. 92), killed in the Dance of the Dragons (d. 131), m. {Renna Tarbeck} (b. 82, d. 154),
        • Theomar's son, Ser Mance (b. 110), captain of the guard, m. {Maggei Hastwyck} (b. 106), died in childbed (d. 144),
          • Mance's son, Ser Jamos (b. 127), an officer of the Kingswood (see House Targaryen),
          • Mance's daughter, Darianne (b. 130), called Dulcet Darianne, a singer, m. Myrio Valaros of Braavos (b. 130), also a singer,
            • Darianne's daughter, Nyalia Valaros (b. 154), being raised at Acorn Hall,
          • {Three miscarried and two stillborn children},
        • Theomar's son, {Beslon} (b. 115), called the Bad, captain of the Bright Banners, a sellsword company from the east, castellan of Vaith, betrayed and executed (d. 161),
          • Beslon's bastard son, Justyn Rivers (b. 131), a builder on the Wall,
          • Beslon's bastard son, Ser Luthor Rivers (b. 132), commander of the City Watch of King's Landing (see House Targaryen), m. Pennei Massey (b, 142),
            • Luthor's daughter, Doryssa Rivers (b. 163),
            • Luthor's son, Tristan (b. 165),
            • Luthor's servant and healer, Watty (b. 130), called One-Link by some, a Dornishman, a former Novice of the Citadel, once a member of the Bright Banners,
            • Luthor's sworn man, Ser Leon (b. 126), a former sellsword, now a knight by Ser Luthor's hand,
            • Pennei's lady-in-waiting, Elonne Rivers (b. 144) (see House Tully),
          • Beslon's bastard daughter, Damina Rivers (b. 134), lady-in-waiting at Stokeworth, by Elyria Ryger (b. 120),
      • {Janei} (b. 97, d. 136), m. {Ser Elias Waxley} (b. 99, d. 154), once Knight of the Bloody Gate,
    • his household:
      • Ser Mance Smallwood (b. 110), his cousin, captain of the guard.