Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


A Friendly Distraction
IC Date: Day 27 of Month 2, 158 AC.
RL Date: November 26, 2006.
Participants: Irena Marbrand and Sarya Baratheon.
Locations: Red Keep: Maegor's Holdfast <Royal Library>.

Summary: Having been driven inside by the rain, Irena Marbrand and Sarya Baratheon meet for the first time in the Royal Library.

The library is not often the haunt of young ladies, but seems that the rainy weather has driven at least one inside and out of the rain. The gray clad Irena Marbrand sits on the edge of her chair a large book open on the table before her. There is also a way tablet, that she occasionally marks with notes. The normal residents of the library, maesters and other learned folk, pass the young lady without comment, suggesting her presence there is not exactly unexpected. In a chair nearby sits an older Septa, who appears to be fighting a loosing battle against sleep.

Sarya enters looking around with wide eyed wonderment, her huge sapphire eyes taking in everything. With her is her septa, as well as a few guards. The men take up positions close to the door, the young Baratheon looks to the septa a little exasperated and the woman goes to have a few words with the two men. Shaking her head the girl goes to a window and looks out at the rain smiling softly at it.

Irena is not so engrossed in her work as to not notice such a large party entering. She stands and offers a polite curtsy, before returning to her seat. At attempt to go back to her studies to marred though, but the curious looks the group and the young lady with them get.

Sarya blinks when the older girl rises, her eyes startled for just a second before she corrects herself. Smiling brightly the younger woman goes over to the girl and says, “Please forgive me I didn’t see you here… I was more worried about the guards.” She looks back over her shoulder to watch her septa shoo out the men. Sarya’s voice even in it’s whispered state is in a sing song fashion, “I am Sarya Baratheon, of Storm’s End. Forgive the intrusion.”

Irena stands once again, proving herself to nearly the same height as the younger girl. A friendly smile on her face as she says politely, “I am Irena Marbrand, of Ashemark.” Neither name nor keep are likely to be known outside of the Westerlands, for Marbrand is a minor house. She continues noting, “And your presence here is hardly an intrusion, at least not anymore than my own.”

A sleepy blink from the septa, and a moment of startlement that she quickly attempts to cover betray that the conversation has awoken the sleeping woman.

Sarya beams a smile at the older girl and says, “A pleasure to meet you then Irena Marbrand, of Ashemark.” She gets a thoughtful look on her face and says, “You should tell me all about Ashemark when you have the chance. If you would please, I do so like stories of far away places.” Ok so she rarely gets out of the Stormlands, the young girl is here to learn about new things and meet new people, might as well start here. Brilliant blue eyes turn to Irena’s septa and the young girl brings a hand to her face attempting to hide a smile.

Irena manages to hide her amusement at her Septs waking well, although she can’t quiet keep it from dancing in her eyes. “I would be happy to tell you of it, although I fear it is not all that interesting of a place. It’s up in the mountains you see, and fairly isolated, for all that it is in the Westerlands.”

Nodding her head as she listened Sarya moves to take a seat but then stops, and looks up to the older girl in askance, “Might I join you here?” The younger girl has the grace to blush a little at her rudeness and says, “In the mountains you say, Oh I’m sure it’s quite lovely there!”

“Of course you may,” is Irena’s somewhat amused reply as she returns to her seat. She then adds, in reference to Ashemark, “Oh, it is very beautiful. We are not quiet as high as parts of the Vale, but really there are spots where on a clear day it seems like you can see forever. Not to mention that we are near the source of the Tumblestone, which can be very pretty, if a bit treacherous.”

Sarya takes her seat, tucking her skirts under her so that they can be smoothed and arranged just right. Keeping her back straight and her head up she folds her hands in her lap and looks to the other woman in rapt attention. Sarya’s septa beams a bright smile and then goes to find a book to read in a quite corner, or rather a book to hide her face so the old woman can doze. “Oh that sounds just lovely, I would like to see that some time. Perhaps when I move to Riverrun, I can go and visit!”

“Oh, you are betrothed to a Tully then? If you are to move to Riverrun?” Irena then adds, “The trip from Riverrun is actually not all that bad as such things go. I would be happy to have you.” From the friendly tone of her voice and smile it seems she honestly seems to mean it.

Sarya beams a bright smile and nods her head rapidly the long raven curls bouncing with the motions, “Oh yes yes” She says proudly, “I’m betrothed to Ser Brynden Tully…” The last words are said almost as a sigh. “I’ve come here to meet him but my Lady Aunt Elanna says she doesn’t think he is here yet..” A quick glance is given to the spetas and then back to Irena, “But first I must become a woman.”

Irena nods before admitting, “I met two of his sisters last night, but I have not yet met him. It definitely is possible that he has not arrived yet, as I am sure Lady Elanna would have some idea if he had.” Her eyes widen a little before comments, “But when he does arrive, that will be the first time you meet him?”

Sarya takes a deep breath and nod her head, “Oh yes, I’ve yet to meet him or any of his family so…” She purses her lips together, but if one is closely looking the girl is all but bursting at the seems with excitement. “Oh I do so hope he’s tall and handsome, you know the Knights the singers sing songs about.”

Irena laughs quietly before saying joking, “Well, it seems that all the knights I have met are tall, but I am a bit biased about things such as height.” She adds after a moment, “Although, I have not heard anything bad about him, and his sisters were very nice, which speaks well for him.”

Sarya is about to open her mouth to say something when her septa clears her throat and Sarya looks over to her, “Pardon me m’Lady, but it’s time to get home, you don’t want to get caught up in the rain.” Taking a deep breath Sarya nods and then looks back to Irena, “It was wonderful meeting you, I hope you will one day come to the manse for sup, or even just for tea.” Standing she inclines her head politely and then turns to her septa, before sweeping out of the room but not before giving Irena a large smile.

Irena returns the smile and curtsies politely to Sarya as she departs. “I would be happy to visit.” She adds to the other girl as she leaves, “I hope the rain holds up long enough for you to return home.”