Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


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Submission Guidelines

  • All fields except Comments have to be filled out.
  • Adjust the RL date so it matches what +loginfo recorded for the log. The exact starting time is important for the correct sorting of logs.
  • Fill in the IC date in the following format: Day # of Month #, # AL.
  • Fill in the list of the participants in alphabetic order (based off their first names). Include actively participating NPCs (that is, NPCs that interact significantly with other characters during the scene) whether or not they were present as puppets or just emitted.
  • Fill in the list of the location(s) where the roleplay takes place in the format that it is given in the room name.
  • Fill in the summary.
  • The log should be cleaned up from any OOC spam so that it contains only the IC interaction.
  • The log should have a single empty line between poses or between parts of poses, if they were broken up with %R by the player.
  • Indents created by players using %T must be removed or the log will not display correctly.

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