Blood of Dragons

The 'A Song of Ice and Fire' MUSH


Of Sails and Crowns
IC Date: Day 9 of Month 12, 169 AC
RL Date: July 08, 2018.

Near a fortnight since the royal fleet set sail from King’s Landing with the most precious of cargoes: princes and a king, to make a marriage to bring lasting peace to the Seven Kingdoms and Dorne. The journey, in the wake of he High Septon’s death, has been marked by the septon-king Baelor leading daily services aboard the royal ship in honor of the Voice of the Seven on Earth’s passing. The winds and seas have been kind, and the fleet has journeyed far as it passed the easternmost point of Cape Wrath.

In King’s Landing, the Most Devout mourn the High Septon, to be sure… but they are also left to deal with the problem that the king left them, namely that he believed the gods themselves had spoken to him and showed to him who the next High Septon should be. Some of the Most Devout have balked at this, while some few have leapt to the same view as the king, leaving the stonemason he called the Seven’s chosen successor to the crystal crown most bewildered. One of the most ambitious of the Most Devout has taken him under his wing, sweeping him away from his kin and his labor to tutor him in matters of the Faith. Some say the man is even being taught to read, though to uncertain result. Those who refuse this choice try to start debates about selecting this septon or that one, but day by day they lose ground as the realization sinks in that Baelor has been the most mild and pious of kings… but if he learns that the Faith has defied him, who knows whether that Targaryen temper might finally show itself?

And in Dorne… there has been a change, sudden and nigh unprecedented. Following his quietly-announced vigil, the heir to Dorne was knighted by his master, the famed Ser Aidan Dayne. And then his father, the Prince of Dorne, called a council of his chief councillors, including his father Ser Quinlan, the Lord Protector of Dorne. They met high in the Tower of the Sun, as Prince Marence informed them that his ill-health necessitated a change for Dorne. With his son’s coming to knighthood, it was time for him to step aside and for Maron to take up the rule of Dorne. To say that this was a shock to the Keepers of the towers, the Prince of Dorne’s brothers, the stewards and other high officers, goes without saying. Prince Maron entered after his father spoke, and it was clear that he had known all along. As to the Lord Protector of Dorne… those who watched him saw little surprise in his eyes, but they may have noted that only in the last pair of days he had suddenly become taciturn, as if he had had learned something of moment that he could not share… or, mayhaps, did not like.

And so before the royal wedding party arrives, Dorne has a new Prince, and much of the realm all unaware.