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8. The Reach
  • The Reach is the flowerbed of the Seven Kingdoms. There are fields of golden roses all about Highgarden (I: 34)
  • The men of the Reach have many crude japes concerning the Dornishmen (III: 429)
  • It is traditional in the Reach to give presents to bridge and groom individually on the morning of their wedding, while presents for the married couple would come separately the next day (III: 662)
  • In the Reach, it's said that the fiery spices and strange spices are the reason for why Dornishmen have such hot tempers, and Dornishwomen are so wild and wanton (IV: 190)
  • The Reach is the heart of chivalric tradition in Westeros and the place where knighthood is most universally esteemed. Tournament rules are most likely to be stringent there as to knighthood requirements than anywhere else (SSM: 1)