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2.3.1. Can you explain some of those acronyms and abbreviations for me?
GRRM = George R. R. Martin
ASoIaF = A Song of Ice and Fire

AGoT = A Game of Thrones
ACoK = A Clash of Kings
ASoS = A Storm of Swords
AFfC = A Feast for Crows
ADwD = A Dance with Dragons
TWoW = The Winds of Winter
ADoS = A Dream of Spring

BotD = "Blood of the Dragon"
PotD = "Path of the Dragon"
AotK = "Arms of the Kraken"

THK = "The Hedge Knight"
TSS = "The Sworn Sword"
TMK = "The Mystery Knight"

TPatQ = "The Princess and the Queen"
TRP = "The Rogue Prince"

TLoIaF = The Lands of Ice and Fire
TWoIaF = The World of Ice and Fire

BwB = Brotherhood without Banners