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6.1.6. Is Catelyn dead?

Yes and no. At the end of ASoS, it was clear that she was resurrected (III: 924). It was widely assumed that this was done by Thoros of Myr, until AFfC was released, which made it clear that it was in fact Lord Beric Dondarrion, breathing his magical fire into Catelyn’s body and putting an end to his own life in the process (IV: 640). ASoS also marks her final appearance as a POV character in the series.

A more important question is whether the Catelyn we see in the epilogue of ASoS is the same as the one in the preceeding novels. GRRM himself partially addressed this point (KLQ) by stating that his view of resurrection was different than, say, Tolkien’s. While it’s very unlikely that Catelyn is now an "evil flesh-eating zombie", it does suggest that she may be a vastly different person than who she once was. Her desire for vengeance for herself and her family, and her sheer ruthlessness in pursuit of those whom she feels have contributed to this (as revealed in AFfC), certainly supports this.