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House Flint of Flint's Finger

A grey stone hand upon a white inverted pall on paly black and grey

General Information

Related to the Flints of Widow’s Watch and the Flint clan of the mountains, the Flints of Flint’s Finger appear to be relatively minor lords compared to their kin on the eastern coast. Flint’s Finger lies to the west of the Neck, on the southern shore of Blazewater Bay.


Robin Flint may be a member of the family. He was among those highborn young men who was sent as escort to Lady Catelyn Stark as King Robb dispatched her to make an alliance with King Renly. He was killed at the Red Wedding. The Flints of Flint’s Finger proceed to join Roose Bolton’s gathering host after the death of King Robb, and are present at Winterfell as Bolton’s host awaits battle with King Stannis.