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House Greyjoy of Pyke

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General Information

Pyke is the strongest castle in the Iron Islands, built on a point of land that was worn down and shattered by the cold grey sea into three small isles and a dozen stacks of towering rocks on which the castle complex is now built. The Greyjoys had never been kings after Urron Redhand created the first unified kingship thousands of years ago, but they were chosen as the overlords of the Iron Islands by their fellow lords after Aegon defeated the ironborn and made them a part of his new realm. Their motto is, “We Do Not Sow.”

Balon Greyjoy styles himself Lord of the Iron Islands, King of Salt and Rock, Son of the Sea Wind, and Lord Reaper of Pyke. After his failed revolt against King Robert nine years before, in which his two eldest sons died, his only remaining son Theon was taken as ward of Lord Eddard Stark leaving him with only his daughter Asha who has grown to be a fighter and captain. His brother Euron Crow’s Eye, a feared pirate and reaver, has been gone for many years and is believed to be dead, while his brother Victarion (a noted warrior) is Admiral of the Iron Fleet and his youngest brother Aeron Damphair is a priest of the Drowned God.

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