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House Hightower of the Hightower

A white tower crowned with flames on smoke grey

General Information

Hightower is the tallest structure in Westeros, a stepped tower more than seven hundred feet high with a great beacon at its peak to show ships at sea the way to Oldtown. The city itself is the second largest in Westeros, behind only King’s Landing, but it is thousands of years old.

The Hightowers are an ancient family, proud and wealthy. Their motto is, “We Light the Way.” In the past, Ser Otto Hightower had served as Hand to a king, and was famous for his learning. However, he was a failure. Lord Commander Runcel Hightower of the Night’s Watch tried to leave the Watch to bequeathe the Watch to his bastard son.

Leyton Hightower, Voice of Oldtown and Lord of the Port, rules the house. His uncle was Ser Gerold Hightower, Lord Commander of Aerys’s Kingsguard who died at the Tower of Joy. His sister Alerie is wed to Lord Mace Tyrell. Lady Rhea of House Florent, is his fourth wife. The heir to the house is the splendid and handsome Ser Baelor who is known as Baelor Brightsmile; Lord Leyton has other sons besides, and six daughters.. One of those daughters, Lynesse, was wife to Ser Jorah Mormont. After fleeing to the Free Cities into exile with him, Lynesse grew tired of living poorly and left him to become concubine to a Lysenne merchant prince.


The Hightowers were among those houses which rallied for King Renly, but after his death their status is unknown. In all probability, whatever Hightowers were present with King Renly’s force returned to Bitterbridge with the Knight of Flowers.