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House Locke of Oldcastle

Bronze crossed keys on a white pale on purple

General Information

Oldcastle’s is located not far from White Harbor, and is somewhat under its influence. The Lockes were once in control of the Wolf’s Den for almost two centuries, in the distance. The only members of the house to appear are Lord Ondrew Locke, an old man who does not seem healthy enough to make long journeys; Donnel Locke, who was one of the northmen captured at Green Fork; and Ser Mallador Locke, a ranger of the Night’s Watch.


Ser Mallador Locke’s fate is uncertain, but it is likely that he was killed at the Fist of the First Men. Donnel Locke was freed from Harrenhal when Roose Bolton took the castle through trickery, but he was killed at the Red Wedding. The Boltons call on the Lockes to join their forces, which they do, but it seems likely they will do whatever Lord Manderly does. Lord Locke himself is present at Winterfell when the great snowstorm comes, and claims that the storm shows the anger of the gods towards them.