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House Mudd of Oldstones

A golden crown studded with emeralds on a red-brown field

General Information

Oldstones is the name given to the ruins of the ancient castle that overlooked the Blue Fork from its hill, though doubtless it had another name before its ruin. The Mudds were the last of the First Men to rule the Trident as kings, and had done so for a thousand years. Their line was ended by Andals thousands of years ago, when seven Andal kings joined forces against Tristifer the Fourth, King of the Rivers and the Hills called the Hammer of Justice and a great leader who reputedly won 99 battles only to lose the hundredth with his life. His son Tristifer V lost the kingdom, the castle, and the line in the end.

Jenny of Oldstones was the famous lover of Prince Duncan Targaryen, known as the Prince of Dragonflies and Duncan the Small. Both seem to have met a sad end.