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House Mooton of Maidenpool

A red salmon on white, a gold tressure

General Information

Maidenpool is located on the Bay of Crabs, east of Harrenhal, and is reputedly the place where Florian the Fool first beheld Jonquil bathing with her sisters (as the song, “Six Maids in a Pool,” claims). The castle sits atop a hill while the town is surrounded by a wall. Their motto is, “Wisdom and Strength.”

The Mootons were one of the riverland houses that fought for the Targaryens during Robert’s War. Ser Myles Mooton, a famous knight who was a close companion and once a squire to Prince Rhaegar, was killed by Lord Robert Baratheon at Stoney Sept. The current head of the house is Lord William Mooton.

Information about House Mooton that reveals spoilers from the books.